Loutro-Pachnes-Loutro -- speed hiking

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Loutro-Pachnes-Loutro -- speed hiking

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My partner and me have been in holidays in Loutro many times (before deciding, that for us Swiss mountainclimbers Anopoli suits slightly better.. :) .) - a German and a Norwegian friend brought me, three years ago, to the possibly slightly crazy idea of climbing Pachnes in one day from Loutro and back again in clean style, i.e. without any car-transport at all of course. They, themselves, had done it in about twelve hours or so. Well, I did that then in 10.40 hours in the whole - back down in Loutro though I realized (I had seen no map of the region till that day), that I had climbed Trocharis instead of Pachnes :( . Shortly after Anopoli I already missed the junction on the road to the right - and therefore climbed up directly without any path at all via Chorafas Korfi and Thodori Korfi to the top of Trocharis - κουράστικε πάρα πολύ!!! From there I was really convinced that I was on the highest peak of the Levka Ori :( I climbed down directly to the end of the dirt-road, ran down the old muletrack, that leads to Gounia and then to Anopoli. On that day, there was a mountain-bike-downhill-race, therefore the hole mulepath was equipped with red-and-white plastic straps, to give orientation to the crazy downhillers. Well, after the flood in the following winter (?), races like these will no more be possible, with all that loose rocks lying around there now.
On this October 6th 2016, I finally did the "right" Pachnes-ascent from Loutro and back again in 8.45 hours, starting with a head-lamp at 5.30 in Loutro. (Loutro-Anopoli Tavern 1.10 h. Anopoli-top of Pachnes 3.40 h. Pachnes-Anopoli 3.05. Anopoli-Loutro 45). I was back in Loutro at 14.15. The whole distance is alltogether 40 km, says the GPS of that above mentionned Norwegian friend, and the total height-gain 2650 m - because you have to walk down (and backwards up) from Ag. Ekaterini to Anopoli and at Amoutsera again up and down.
Well, to make it short: Does anybody here know about other hikers, who do rather long hikes like this? I am used to go alone (when I am not on hikes with my girl-friend) - but of course I would also like to do creative or even eccentric hikes together :) with other people.
my direct way up to Trocharis in 2013
my direct way up to Trocharis in 2013
Roland on Pachnes, October 6th 2016, still with the headlamp from the early start, photographed by one of two car-tourists
Roland on Pachnes, October 6th 2016, still with the headlamp from the early start, photographed by one of two car-tourists

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Re: Loutro-Pachnes-Loutro -- speed hiking

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Sounds crazy, Roland! :D
I would consider myself as fit but I have not done such high speed walks as you. On 3rd. October we surrounded Stuttgart on the Roessleweg - about 54 km in 11 h including breaks (but the height differences are negligible compared to Loutro - Pachnes....).

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