From a small snowfield on Thodori Korfi (2317m) to Nera Glyka, flying with a paraglider

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From a small snowfield on Thodori Korfi (2317m) to Nera Glyka, flying with a paraglider

Beitrag von roland » 13. Mai 2019, 07:24

Yesterday at 6 o'clock I started at Anopoli from my room of the baker's Giannis on the road direction Roussies-Pachnes. At Gonia I left it and took the old mulepath directly to Agathopi (where by the way snow stops trucks now! At 1400 m). There I turned left, rather planty first, but stable and very rough rock, easy to go, beside of some very loose stone-passages, towards Chorafas Korfi. From there quite a long traverse, about 2 kilometers, up an down, avoiding big sink-holes, but wihtout gaining almost any height, brings you to the final slopes to Thodori Korfi. The whole ascent took me 3 1/2 hours (but be aware - an average hiker needs for that certainly 6 hours). At the top I waited at my old, prepared, yet stony starting point almost an hour for better winds - and then went, just to do something against boreness, forty meters to the left around the top ---- and found a super, yet small snowfield, that I did not see from beneath. There the wind was coming directly upwards: perfect! I installed my harness, fixed my iPhone at it, put the glider on the snow - while opening it piece by piece, I covered it on its downside every meter with a small pile of snow, to avoid, that it gets blown away or turn around and makes a mess in my thin lines. At 10.30 exactly I pulled the lines of my glider with the completely certain feeling, that there were no problems at all - a perfect, relaxed start on that flat snowfield. One or two steps later I was in the air, I joodeld even before taking off... I did four telephone-calls during the flight, to announce my local friends from Anopoli, that I am in the air, in case they wanted to watch me flying above the village - till Anopoli you fly almost 8 km completely straight, you don't need to have your hands on the brakes. Flying half a kilometer above the church of Agia Ekaterini, I saw Nera Glyka - very exposed, incredibly nice to have such a view, that you never have, if you do not see it from the air. Half an hour after the start my incredibly panoramic flight was over - I landed smoothly in very calm conditions at the astonishlingly empty Sweet-Water-Beach. Jorgos from the taverna took a film of the last two minutes of my flight. I have also made some nice films - but do not know how to upload them here...
The pilot near the small taverna
happy landing at Sweetwaterbeach, Nera Glyka
Nera Glyka von etwa einem Kilometer Höhe aus
Blick zurück in die Levka Ori, links der Mitte der Thodori Korfi
my glider, Ozone xxlite2 (1.36kg!!)
the pilot in the air
Startplatz in einem total idealen Schneefeldchen
Blick vom Chorafas Korfi zum Thodori Korfi. Man traversiert den ganzen Grat rauf und runter, angenehmer Untergrund, fast wie eine dirtroad

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Re: From a small snowfield on Thodori Korfi (2317m) to Nera Glyka, flying with a paraglider

Beitrag von Jayhickson » 19. Mai 2019, 21:41

Wow! Looks great fun


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